Monday, August 03, 2009

Different Kinds of CoP Leaders

As we move into a new phase of development within the Kehilliyot CoP that I facilitate, we are beginning to recognize each other, the talents and strengths of our colleagues. There are many ways to lead in a CoP and we are seeing many of these emerge. Below is a description of the different kinds of leadership within a CoP from an article by Etienne Wenger and I have tried to apply it to the leaders emerging within Kehilliyot.

Internal leadership in communities

The inspirational leadership provided by thought leaders and recognized experts
The day-to-day leadership provided by those who organize activities
The classificatory leadership provided by those who collect and organize information in order to document practices
The interpersonal leadership provided by those who weave the community's social fabric
The boundary leadership provided by those who connect the community to other communities
The institutional leadership provided by those who maintain links with other organizational constituencies, in particular the official hierarchy
The cutting-edge leadership provided by those who shepherd "out-of-the-box" initiatives.

This summer: Hayim Herring is providing inspirational leadership, Esther Brown and Gayle Bloom are providing classification leadership, Rebecca Egolf and Phil Liff-Grief are providing cutting-edge leadership, Stefanie Zelkind is providing institutional leadership and Marci Eisen is providing interpersonal leadership. And there are many others who provided this kind of leadership in past months.

Who are the leaders in your community? Do you recognize them? Do they recognize themselves? Do others recognize them?

Thank you to the Covenant Foundation for supporting this CoP and to the WikiUniversity Course on Online Facilitation for renewing my acquintaince with this article by Etienne Wenger

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